​And what a character he is already.  Otis is compact and correct, great bone and a beautiful head.  

* SOLD *

​Crown Meadow Tucson       

Brown and White Spotted Gelding

DOB:  March 3, 2003

​Height:   35"

Sire:  Crown Meadow Cup 'a Joe

​Dam:  Rogers' Cowgirl


Big, beautiful and sweet - Tucson came to us as a mature 'rescue' gelding.  Originally sold as a weanling, he had spent years as an isolated non-breeding  jack with little attention until he was returned to Crown Meadow, gelded and introduced to life with friends. We acquired him shortly thereafter and have enjoyed continuing his  socialization and watching his trust grow.

  SOLD ! 

Red Gelding

DOB:  May 17, 2015

​Height at  18 months: 29 1/2"

Sire:     WLDF Cash Grant's Dinero

​Dam:    BR Sierra

​R&J Little Nash Rambler       

Red Jack Foal

DOB:  May 31, 2017

Sire: WLDF Cash Grant's Dinero

   Grandsire:  Stock Mkt's Cash Grant

​Dam:  BR Sierra

    Grandsire:  Sunset Acres Slick

'Mo' was welcomed to our farm in 2013 as a retirement guest. He blends well with our other geldings and engages us with his friendly personality and good looks.  In addition to being NMDA National Champion Jack in 2001, 'Mo's' competitive career earned him multi-championships in Halter and Performance throughout the USA .  He is trained to drive - but  content with pasture life  if it includes daily interaction with his 'humans'.                                           Gelded in 2006.

* Re-Homed*

Zydeco has always been a delight to have on the farm.  He was gelded in the Spring of 2013 and now  enjoys the company of our other geldings. Zydeco has a kind and gentle  demeanor with all who meet him and will make a wonderful pet.

                                                                                   *SOLD *

Registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

R&J Otis Blue

​Very Dark Brown Jack Foal

​DOB:      May 26, 2017

Sire:         Wannabe Ranch Premier

     Grandsire:  Windcrest Little Dynamite

Dam:       R&J Good Golly Miss Molly

      ​Grandsire:  Stock Mkt's Cash Grant

  SOLD ! 

​​​​Circle C  Motown's Secret

Black NLP Gelding

​DOB:         Sept. 3, 1998

​Height:      33 "

Sire:    Circle C  Little Motown

​Dam:  Dark Secret of Circle C

R&J Light My Fire

Handsome and correct, Nash is an inquisitive and confident foal who carries his head head high with that 'look at me' attitude.  Broad chest and round hip - he has all the makings of an outstanding performance donkey.  

758's Moonshine

Red Gelding

​DOB:       Sept. 17, 2007   

​Height:    34 1/4 inches


Sire:         LN Star Spangled Banner

​Dam:       E.N.E. Pinot Noir

'Sparky' has been  a handsome little gentleman since the day he arrived, easy to work with and comfortable in new situations.  Kids love him, just the right size to look eye to eye and cuddle.

​​​​BR  Zydeco

Gray/White Spotted Gelding

DOB:       October 5, 2008

Height:   32 1/4"

Sire:          Circle C Silverado

Dam:        RVB Carrie

​R&J  Lollipop​

Red Jennet Foal

DOB:   Aug. 31, 2015

​Height at Birth:       19"

Sire:     WLDF Cash Grant's Dinero

​Dam:    BR Speck


​​Monday arrived with a splash of spots!  She has grown into a sweet little donkey with an obliging temperament and love for human attention.

                                                SOLD !


R&J  Monday, Monday

​Gray/White Spotted Jennet

DOB:        Nov. 19, 2012

Height:    31  3/4"

Sire:           BR Zydeco

Dam:         Kiterra's April Breeze

This little jennet is spectacular!  Red like her dad, very correct, personable and outgoing. The first time I introduced her to the trailer, she  hopped right in. Our next adventure was a hike with other donkeys and friends - Lollipop  took the lead, went through streams, and eagerly explored new terrain. 

   R&J  Family Farm