BR Sierra

Red Jennet

​DOB:       January 2, 2007

Height:   31 1/4 inches

Sire:          Sunset Acres Slick

Dam:        LN Sonnies Cherries

BR Speck

Brown Jennet

​DOB:       March 5, 2007

Height:   29 1/2 inches

Sire:          Sunset Acres Slick

Dam:        LER  Night Sky 

Rose Lee arrived at our farm with her jack foal, WLDF Cash Grant's Dinero, at her side.  He is now our Champion  Jack,  "Dino".  She also produced our handsome  gelding, R&J Stagger Lee who is beginning his training as a driving donkey.  Rose Lee is well built, has a round hip and great bone.  

Sierra, aka 'Biker Annie' arrived at the farm with her buddy Speck when they were foals.   Her self assured and dominating personality soon had us whipped into line and on our way to becoming 'proper' donkey caretakers.            I have a particular fondness for her spunk and a heartfelt connection with her strength of character.   After giving us four beautiful foals, Annie is now retired.

R&J Carolina Moon

Red Jennet

DOB:       April 14, 2011

Height:   31 inches

Sire:          Rocking Patch Pink Cadillac

Dam:        BR Sierra 

R&J Carolina Moon

   R&J  Family Farm

Small,  correct , full of feminine spunk ...and a windswept star to boot.    She is truly something special - our little  Sugar Pie!!

Red Ass Acres Rose Lee

Red Jennet

DOB:       Sept. 21, 2005

Height:   33 1/2 inches

Sire:          Rearview's Red Sultan

Dam:        Reko's Lady Luck 

Red Jennet

DOB: September 23, 2017

Height at Birth:  20 inches

Sire:  WLDF Cash Grant's Dinero

​​  Grandsire:  Stock Mkt's Cash Grant

Dam: R&J Carolina Moon

  Grandsire: Rocking Patch Pink Cadillac

Our tiniest of foals grew into a beautiful, spunky jennet who expects attention and adoration from all who enter her corral.   Her introduction to the outside world came when she was just 5 months old.  We took her to the Horse Expo in Albany Oregon to be a part of the Miniature Donkey exhibit.  She won the hearts of all who passed her stall and when visitors were absent, quickly learned that a loud bray brought her congregation of admirers on the run. 

R&J Light My Fire

DRM Harlequin Hullabaloo

​Brown & White Spotted Jennet

​DOB:       October 21, 2014

Height:      inches

Sire:          Circle C King's Ransom

Dam:        Ka-Rob's Bella Brie

R&J Nel Blu

Very ​Dark Brown Jennet

​DOB:       May 8, 2012

Height:   31 1/4  inches

Sire:          Crown Meadow Pied Piper

Dam:        BR Speck 

R&J Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch


This beautiful little jennet is surrounded by Champions in her pedigree.  Her sire is a two time NMDA  Jr. Champion Halter Donkey, her dam is an NMDA  Halter Champion Jennet and Best of Breed Champion,  and  her Grandsire -Rocking Patch Pink Cadillac -  has won multiple Canadian and US Championships in halter and performance.  

Gentle and sweet, Rose Lee watches over new foals while their moms take a break.  She is a sensitive donkey, but also totally capable of holding her own with the other jennets at feeding time.   

R&J C.C. Rider

R&J Good Golly Miss Molly

​Brown Jennet

​DOB:       Dec. 28, 2009

Height:   33 1/4 inches

Sire:          Stock Mkt's Cash Grant

Dam:        Kiterra's April Breeze

2012 Pacific Northwest Miniature Donkey Classic in Powell Butte Oregon:

      1st Place -  2 Year Old Jennets

      5th Place - Showmanship at Halter, Pre-Green

      Reserve Champion NMDA Jr. Halter  (32 entries in the Jr. divisions!)

R&J Little Nash Rambler

Registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys