Red Ass Acres Rose Lee

R&J Ramblin' Rose


R&J Toto

Circle C Granite -  mature Gelding/​SOLD

BR Sierra, Red Ass Acres Rose Lee - retired jennets/​SOLD

R&J Ramblin' Rose, R&J Toto - 2019 foals/SOLD

Wannabee Ranch Premier - mature Gelding/SOLD

​aka    'Alli'

BR Sierra


​​​​​All mini donkeys for sale will only be placed in approved homes - from our 'family' to yours.   Because they are social herd animals, they need the companionship of their own kind.   A good miniature donkey home consists of at least two donkeys - and a loving owner.   Most of the donkeys we have for sale have been with us all or a majority of their lives.   We know them well and will happily share their stories and  our insights.   Each one brings its own amusement. 

Rose Lee, aka 'Alli" is the lovely dam to our outstanding jack 'Dino'.  She has a sweet, sensitive temperament - and with a great deal of patience allows Annie to assume the leadership role.  


Circle C Granite

Black/ NLP Gelding

DOB:       May 26, 2004

Height:   33  3/4"

Sire:         MGF Future Link

​Dam:       Circle C Dark Gypsy

Wannabe Ranch Premier

Pair of Beautiful Red Jennets



aka   'Annie'


Black Gelding

DOB:       March 4, 2010

Height:   32  3/4"

Sire:         Windcrest Little Dynamite

​Dam:       Berry Ridge Aspen

Sierra, aka 'Biker Annie' arrived at our farm as a foal.   Her self assured and dominating personality soon had us whipped into line and on our way to becoming 'proper' donkey caretakers.   I have always had a particular fondness for her spunk and a heartfelt connection with her strength of character.  Annie gave us four beautiful foals but there were complications of the last birth and for her safety she was immediately retired.

Beautiful head, wonderful conformation - and love this donkey's ears!!  Premier's first seven years were spent as a jack until he was gelded in 2017.   He has now been assimilated with the other geldings but always seeks my 'human' attention whenever I am busy in his paddock.   An  intelligent boy - would be a great candidate for driving.

Red Jennet - Retired/not to be bred

DOB:  January 24, 2007

Height:  31  1/4"


For Sale:  2020

​​​( Payments may be made over time as agreed by both parties, with the donkey remaining with us until paid in full. Reduced price if purchasing two or more donkeys.  Donkeys are sold current on their vaccinations, wormings and hoof care and leave our farm with their own halter and lead rope.)


Light Red Jennet 

DOB:  September 21, 2005

Height:  33  1/2"

   R&J  Family Farm

Registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

Handsome and correct miniature donkey, Granite is a flashy black son of MGF Future Link.  He has a wonderfully refined head, straight legs and round hip.  Granite requires gently firm and knowledgeable handling.  He and I began our show experiences on the same day.  After developing a bond, we participated in several NMDA shows where Granite enjoyed the jumping and in-hand trail events.  We are looking to place Granite in a home with a limited number of other donkeys and a maximum amount of human attention.