R&J  Family Farm

The R&J herd consists of a our halter champion jack,  a small number of select breeding jennets and performance geldings.  Our goal is to breed well conformed, socialized foals that win hearts as well as ribbons.  We offer wonderful show quality and pet donkeys for sale to approved homes.

By the end of 2007 we had purchased our first two mini donkeys and started the "family farm" adventure.  These gentle, intelligent creatures bring us smiles every day with their audible requests for attention, continual antics and obvious desire to connect with their human caretakers.

In 2003 we purchased this lovely spot in southern Oregon at the West end of the Applegate Valley.  We planned to enjoy some relaxation in retirement, travel a bit and establish a hobby vineyard. Then, in 2006 plans changed.  We discovered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys.  All it took was a small warm muzzle sniffing at my pocket, soft brown eyes inquiring if I might scratch a long ear or two - and the tiniest of foals that I could actually pick up and hold in my arms. . . I was lost.

So, if you are a first time buyer,  adding to your herd or simply interested in losing your heart to 'longears' -  give us a call.    We have met many new friends that "just had to stop at the gate to see the donkeys" .


                                                                          Visitors are always welcome!

Registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

Ron and Jonatha Semoni

500 Murphy Creek Road,  Grants Pass OR